Dawn Foods At CFW: Unleash Your Inner Baker

Old School Cake made with Dawn Foods Plain Creme Cake Base

At CFW, we’re excited to announce the addition of Dawn Foods Bakery Mixes to our product selection. These mixes offer a straightforward and convenient way to bake homemade goods that taste and look great. With most mixes requiring just two to three additional ingredients, creating delicious treats has never been easier. We also have a range of Dawn Foods Icings, Fillings and Coatings , which are a must-have for commercial bakeries, dessert shops, and businesses aiming to add a sweet, luxury taste to their bakes.

The Dawn Foods Difference: Quality, Innovation, and Tradition

For over a century, Dawn Foods has been a leader of excellence in the baking industry. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and tradition, Dawn Foods has earned the trust and admiration of bakers everywhere. When you choose Dawn Foods products, you’re not just buying ingredients – you’re investing in high quality, easy to use products that will always leave your customers impressed.

Dawn Foods understands that the needs of today’s bakers are as diverse as the creations they produce. That’s why they continually expand their product line to include on-trend flavours and dietary options, ensuring that every baker can find the perfect ingredients for their needs. We will continue to add new Dawn Foods products to CFW to cater to every customer.

Strawberry Fudge Cupcakes

Dawn Foods Mixes: Providing Endless Baking Inspiration

Picture this: You’re in your kitchen, armed with a mixing bowl and a whisk, ready to create something extraordinary. With Dawn Foods Baking Mixes at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. From a Classic Vanilla Sponge to a Gooey Brownie, Dawn Foods has mastered the art of convenience without compromising on flavour or quality.

Some of the mixes we have recently tried, tested and LOVED were:

Dawn Foods Plain Crème Cake Base

This versatile mix serves as a perfect foundation for a variety of sweet treats and only requires egg, vegetable oil and water. Its fluffy texture and subtle flavour make it ideal for crafting classic cakes or experimenting with your own unique recipes. Dawn Foods Plain Crème Cake Base promises consistent, delicious results every time you bake. I combined this mix with Dawn Foods Strawberry Fudge Icing to achieve the ideal blend of fluffy sponge and sweet icing, resulting in a tasty batch of Strawberry Cupcakes. I also used this mix to prepare a classic – Old School Cake which I topped with Sephra Multi-Colour Sugar Strands. Thanks to this mix, I could make the sponge for this timeless treat in just 10 minutes.

Dawn Foods Chocolate Crème Cake Base

Add eggs, water and vegetable oil to this mix to whip up tasty chocolate-infused cakes. This mix is specially crafted to ensure consistent, high-quality results every time you bake. Gone are the days where you prepare cake batter from scratch now you have the convenience of this time-saving product. This mix has a rich chocolate flavour with a moist, fluffy texture. I used the Dawn Foods Chocolate Crème Cake Base to make mouth-watering muffins topped with Dawn Foods Chocolate Fudge Icing and Sephra Mini Fudge Squares which were a huge hit! The Chocolate Fudge Icing is a luxury, thick product which really takes baking to another level. 

Dawn Foods Toffee Crème Cake Base

This was my favourite flavour! The toffee taste adds a really nice touch to any cake. It’s great that you get such an intense, delicious flavour from such a simple, easy to make mix. This batter produces a sponge that is delicious on its own or serves as a versatile canvas for your creative desserts. This mix was perfect for creating a sticky toffee loaf cake – and yes, it was as good as it sounds. I made Dawn Foods Toffee Crème Cake Base to which I added Sephra Mini Fudge Squares and baked in a loaf tin. Then, I combined Dawn Foods Vanilla Frosting with Dawn Foods Caramel Compound and beat in a mixer to achieve the perfect piping consistency. The finished product was a beautifully decorated golden sponge topped with Sephra Mini Fudge Squares and Sephra Toffee Topping Sauce.

Sticky Toffee Loaf Cake made with Dawn Foods Toffee Crème  Cake Base

Dawn Foods Red Velvet Crème Cake Base

Having made red velvet cake before, I know it’s not the simplest of cakes to make as it requires a lot of different ingredients. With the Dawn Foods Red Velvet Cake Mix, all I needed to do was add eggs, vegetable oil and water, divide into trays and bake! The cake was velvety and soft, and had a dark red natural colour. For a brighter red, you can add some Red Food Colouring. I paired the Red Velvet Cake with Dawn Foods Cream Cheese Frosting for a layered, creamy cake.

Dawn Foods Icings, Coatings, and Fillings

When baking, it’s often the finishing touches that take a creation from good to great. That’s where Dawn Foods Icings, Coatings, and Fillings come in. This range of additions add depth, flavour, and visual appeal to any dessert with ease.

Dawn Foods Spreads and Fillings can be used in a variety of delicious ways, you could inject Fillings into cakes to add a burst of flavour between layers, use to fill pastries such a croissants and turnovers, fill donuts for a flavourful surprise, swirl into cheesecakes, top Waffles and Pancakes – the possibilities are endless. Our range of Dawn Foods Spreads and Fillings includes Cookies & Cream, Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut, White Chocolate & Hazelnut and Vanilla Crème Filling

The Dawn Foods Fudge Icing range is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your bakes. The formula is thick, sweet, and smooth and only requires a small amount to enhance your product. While making such a product from scratch would require time and patience, Dawn Foods Fudge Icing are already prepared, making it as simple as warming the product to achieve the desired consistency. These Icings look lovely when piped onto cakes or can be used for dipping and enrobing. Our selection of Dawn Foods Fudge Icing includes Strawberry Fudge, Chocolate Fudge, and White Chocolate Fudge.

Dawn Foods Frostings are creamy, fluffy spreads which are versatile, ready to use and perfect for many purposes. They are pipeable, allowing you to create visually appealing designs. With a long shelf life and the ability to be frozen, they offer flexibility and convenience. They can be customised with additional colours and flavours to suit your preferences. For instance, you can enhance the flavour by adding one of Dawn Foods Compounds, such as Pistachio, Passionfruit, or Caramel, to create unique frosting to complement your bake. Our selection of Dawn Foods Frostings includes Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, and Cream Cheese. The Cream Cheese Frosting pairs well with Dawn Foods Red Velvet Cake Mix and Dawn Foods Carrot Cake Mix.

Strawberry Fudge Cupcakes made with Dawn Foods Plain Crème Cake Mix

Bake With Dawn To Win

Head over to our Instagram page @cfwfunfood for a chance to win £300 worth of Amazon vouchers. All you need to do is create something delicious using any Dawn Foods, snap a photo or video of your creation, and post it, making sure to tag us @cfwfunfood. Follow us on our various social media channels to stay updated with all the latest news and announcements. We can’t wait to see your amazing bakes!

Dawn Foods Instagram Competition

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At CFW, we’re passionate about helping bakers of all skill levels unleash their creativity and achieve delicious results. With Dawn Foods products by your side, the possibilities are endless. Happy Baking!

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