Proud to sell Sephra Chocolate Fountains and heres why

Since the start of Sephra in 2003, they have made it there objective to manufacture the best performing chocolate fountains in the world.

As pioneers in the chocolate fountain industry, Sephra have dedicated themselves to creating the highest quality, easiest to use and longest lasting chocolate fountains, all at the most affordable price. We know our customers need professional fountains which they can depend on, which is why we proudly sell the best chocolate fountains in the industry with a warranty and service interval unbeatable in the industry.

We believe Sephras reputation in the marketplace now confirms there success in accomplishing there objective. Great attention to the smallest of details ensures your Sephra chocolate fountain will serve you well for many years.

Many of the quality features on Sephra chocolate fountains are not readily seen or understood by the owner. A good example of this is there patented tier design, which makes it easy to drop the tiers on to the exact location on the centre column, this keeps them perfectly level as well. The removable bowl makes Sephra fountains much easier to clean. Whisper quiet motors make the fountains run silently yet powerfully.

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