Sephra CF34-44RC Highly Polished Convertible Chocolate Fountain

Sephra CF34-44RC Highly Polished Convertible Chocolate Fountain

With our new combination version you can either use the CF34-44RC HP (Highly Polished) Chocolate Fountain in the 5 tier 44” (112cm) or 3 tier 34” (86cm) assembly. The CF34-44RC HP Chocolate Fountain can hold up to 10Kg of chocolate, which will serve approx 300 guests.

The CF34-44RC Chocolate Fountain is the perfect solution for scaling to individual event needs such as weddings, functions, parties and also for cafe and restaurant use. It features a removable bowl which melts the chocolate in the base of the Chocolate Fountain, so there is no need for a separate chocolate melter or microwave. So if you have a slightly smaller event, simply remove the extension parts to convert the CF34-44RC HP Chocolate Fountain to a 34″ unit, which will run on only 5.4Kg of chocolate whilst still having a capacity of 10Kg.

Special Price: £2,249.10 (Exc. VAT)

Carry Cases are included with the Sephra CF34-44RC Highly Polished Convertible Chocolate Fountain.

Sephra CF34-44RC HP Case for Fountain BaseADDITIONAL INFORMATION
230v / 820 Watts / 50Hz
Minimum Chocolate – 5.4 Kg / 6.3Kg
Maximum Chocolate – 10 Kg
Height – 44″ / 112cm or 34″ / 86cm
Width – 18.5″ / 47cm
5 Year Limited Warranty
Up to a 1500 Hour Service Interval
Net Weight Base – 25Kg
Net Weight Tier Set – 22Kg
Carry Cases Included
Box 1: 55cm x 55cm x 49cm
Box 2: 47cm x 92cm x 31cm

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