Crepes in your Business

Sephra Crepe Machine

Why you should have a crepe maker in your business.

Chocolate Fountain Warehouse are proud to introduce the Sephra Crepes maker to there range of products. This high quality professional machine is manufactured in Europe, we also provide a large variety of accessories all of which are the best quality in the industry. Crepes offer an extremely high profit margin to any business given the low cost of our ‘add water only’ luxury crepe mix.

Over the last year the popularity of crepes has been rising worldwide, specifically within the United Kingdom. The word crepe being seen on dessert menus throughout the UK was the beginning of the phenomenon and now slowly but surely we have begun to see them creep onto the breakfast menus too. 

A crepe maker in your restaurant, kiosk, cafe, hotel or buffet will allow you to provide a low cost dessert/breakfast option which brings customers back time and time again. Whether as part of a buffet or a centre piece within a kiosk, crepe makers offer a very cost effective and engaging way to serve a great number of people easily. With an almost endless list of things you can cover your crepe with, there is no limit to what you can offer your customers. 

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