Relaxation Day

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National relaxation day has to be one of the best days of the year – giving you another great excuse to do absolutely nothing.

Life can be fast paced at times and we all need a day to unwind. Although a certain amount of stress is normal, stress can be overwhelming and too much of it can be extremely harmful to your physical and mental health.

One thing I would suggest you do on this day is to eat chocolate. Chocolate contains a mood-boosting chemical called Phenylethylamine (PEA), which is also produced in the brain when a person is in love. The hormones that are released can trigger feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Avoid all stressful activities today. Let your body heal, rest and relax.

Take care of yourself today. You deserve it – no matter what you choose to do.

Top ideas for relaxation day:
Have a picnic in a park.
Take a bubble bath.
Sit on the beach and watch the sea ebb.
Listen to southing relaxing music.
Fill the bird feeder and spend a day bird watching.
Spend the day in your PJs watching movies.
Use the day to take beautiful photos.
Take a long relaxing woodland walk.

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