Why Sephra Cocoa Powder is such a versatile baking ingredient

Cocoa Powder

Sephra Cocoa Powder is 100% pure cocoa and contains 22-24% fat – nearly twice the amount of regular Cocoa powder. Discover why your customers will love you for it!

What is Cocoa Powder?

Picture: KLT Dinusha

Crushed from the beans of the tropical American cacao tree, cocoa is an unsweetened chocolate product. It gives a deep, rich chocolate flavour to your desserts and beverages.

The process happens when the fat (cocoa butter) is removed from cacao beans and the dried solids that are left get ground.

There is also a ‘Dutch-processed’ variety, which is made from beans treated with a potassium solution that neutralises their acidity and gives them a milder flavour.

Because it has the highest percentage of solids of any Chocolate product, a little of this can go a long way in terms of affecting a baked good or dessert with rich fudge like flavour. Most often you’ll find this product in a recipe whisked into the other dry ingredients; once hydrated, it will turn the whole batch of batter dark brown and deeply fragrant. Cocoa Beans and Powder are naturally quite acidic. With a pH level between 5.3 and 5.8 it makes it a great addition to recipes that include baking soda, because the Cocoa will trigger a reaction that causes lift and lightness in your final bake.

Sephra Cocoa Powder

Cocoa vs Chocolate

To be clear… Cocoa is in no way a lesser product than Chocolate… it’s a purer form of Chocolate. Chocolate has two main components, Cocoa Solids (the flavour) and Cocoa Butter (the rich texture). Cocoa Powder has very little butter in it; it’s mainly Cocoa Solids. Quite simply you can think of Cocoa Powder as Chocolate with most of its Cocoa Butter removed. Cocoa Powder generally contains just 10 to 12% Cocoa Butter, while pure unsweetened Chocolate contains about 55% and so by comparison packs a bigger punch of Chocolate flavour, because you’re getting more Cocoa Solids and less Cocoa Butter.

This gives a higher quality premium flavour that your customers will definitely thank you for. Typical applications for Sephra’s 1Kg  Cocoa Powder would be to use as an ingredient within Cakes, Tarts and Brownies. Try with fruits in a Smoothie or Milkshake, Chocolate Frosting and Sauces or in a Chocolate Ice Cream ingredient.

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