The Delightful World of Cookies

The Delightful World of Cookies

The Delightful World of Cookies… Imagine the tantalising aroma of freshly baked cookies enveloping the air, conjuring feelings of comfort and indulgence. In this journey, we delve into the fascinating realm of cookies. Trace their history from timeless classics like chocolate chip cookies to the exciting realm of warm, gooey cookie dough, luscious cookies with soft filled centres, and inventive cookie pucks with delightful fillings. Join us in celebrating the art of baking as we explore a range of cookie styles that promise to ignite your imagination.

Ancient Beginnings: The concept of mixing ingredients to create baked goods dates back to ancient civilizations. Early civilizations like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans made simple flatbreads from grains and water, which resemble today's cookies.

Medieval Europe: In the Middle Ages, baking advanced. Sweeteners and spices were added to create "biscuits" or "crackers" that could be hardened for long journeys.

Arabic Influence: The term "cookie" originates from the Dutch "koekie" influenced by Arab traders who introduced spices and sugar to European baking.

Rise of Sugar and Spices: During the Age of Exploration, European bakers gained access to sugar, spices, and chocolate, leading to intricate and flavourful baked goods, popular among the wealthy.

Colonial America: Settlers in the Americas incorporated local ingredients like molasses into cookies, resulting in treats like gingerbread cookies, blending European techniques with local resources.

Industrial Revolution: In the 19th century, baking technology improved, making cookie production more accessible and transitioning cookies from home-made to commercially produced snacks.

20th Century Innovation: The 20th century brought iconic cookies like the chocolate chip cookie, invented in the 1930s by Ruth Wakefield, which quickly became a favourite.

Modern Varieties: Today, cookies offer a wide range of flavours, shapes, and sizes, thanks to creative bakers experimenting with diverse ingredients, fillings, and techniques, driven by global culinary exchange.
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MIXING METHOD: Mix 1000g of our Sephra Luxury Cookie Mix and 140g of Margarine or Butter for 3-5 minutes at medium speed. Add 70g/70ml water and blend until the dough has formed. If required add 200g inclusions of your choice (for example Sephra Mini Chocolate Beans or Callebaut Bakestable Chocolate Chunks). For baked cookies scale at 56g and bake in an oven at 155Β°C for 10 minutes, or for cookie dough scale at 160g and bake at 180Β°C for 9 minutes. These instructions are intended as a guide and may require changes to individual baking conditions or portions.


Makes 192 x 56g Cookies.

Makes 66 x 160g Cookie Dough Desserts.

Plain Cookies: Delightful plain cookies made using Sephra Luxury Cookie Mix are the epitome of simplicity, serving as a versatile blank canvas for your culinary artistry. With these cookies, you hold the key to creating personalized treats that showcase your creativity and passion.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Immerse yourself in the world of indulgence with Chocolate Chip Cookies with the addition of Callebaut Bakestable Chocolate Chunks. Every bite is a symphony of flavours, where the rich, velvety notes of chocolate meld seamlessly with the buttery goodness of our base cookie.

Cookie Dough: Dive into the world of warm, gooey indulgence as you bake up batches of cookie dough desserts that capture the essence of home-made goodness. Stir in some Sephra Mini Chocolate Beans for a delightful crunch.

Filled Cookies: Embark on a flavour-filled journey with exquisite Filled Cookies. Imagine a cookie that cradles an array of luxurious fillings, from the creamy decadence of Nutella and the exotic allure of Lotus spread, to the indulgent embrace of White Chocolate Hazelnut and velvety Caramel, to the comforting embrace of melted Marshmallow centres.

Cookie Pucks/Bowls with Fillings: Prepare to be enchanted by Cookie Pucks and Bowls, where innovation meets indulgence. These ingenious creations transform into edible vessels, cradling a medley of delightful fillings. Picture the opulence of Callebaut's Gold Chocolate and the captivating allure of Callebaut Ruby Chocolate, or delight in an oreo inspired delicacy with a Cookies and Cream Spread filling with Oreo Crumbs sprinkled on top.

The Delightful World of Cookies
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The Delightful World of Cookies
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Your Ultimate Cookie Indulgence?

As we wrap up our journey through the realm of the Delightful World of Cookies, we’re left to ponder the horizons of culinary innovation. In a landscape of evolving flavours and techniques, the future holds endless possibilities for reinventing the cookie experience. Therefore, the magic of cookies will undoubtedly continue to inspire generations with its creativity and allure. We invite you to share your ultimate cookie preference and the nostalgic or imaginative connections it conjures. Is it the timeless charm of a classic chocolate chip cookie, the curiosity of a novel filling, or the allure of an inventive cookie puck? We’re eager to hear what sparks your culinary imagination!

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